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Intuitive Life Coaching

 Amy uses her spiritual gifts, training, and real life experiences while specializing in working with women who desire balance, structure, healing the mind, body, and spirit. She aims to help woman move forward by modifying current thoughts ( as she calls it, "retrain the brain") that may not be productive in today's world, addressing self-impairing beliefs & habits, have a positive outlook, and learning how to avoid future trauma. 
She also adds a little "spice" to her course. Amy adds in Laws of Attraction / Manifestation practices, and how to hone into your own intuition ( we ALL have it! ), which is great for personal AND work life.
With Amy's Intuitive Life Coaching course, you will learn how to:

- Self-Awareness, Self-Understanding, Self-Mastery
- "Retrain your Brain"
- Let go of & move on from past traumas, mistakes and negative experiences.
- Approach all areas of life with a POSITIVE mindset, even when life throws messiness your way.
- Law of Attraction practices. 
- Develop / Understand your Purpose & Mission
- Develop your Free Will and learn how to use it
- How to accept great things that come your way ( SO many of us have issues with realizing 
  that we deserve GREATNESS!!) 
- How to live your Best Life Yet

...and more!  We customize your session to your needs.

Coaching Services: 6 week course $350 ~ Was $450 ! Mystical BadAss is having an Inflation Sale!(Payment Plans Available) 

* For Businesses : Amy offers services for employees, helping them to be the best at what they do, making them AND you more successful! Whether they do a 6 week course or you keep Amy on a monthly retainer to help your employees align when needed, the individuals AND the business will thrive!

For questions and/or scheduling, please contact Amy by clicking the 'Chat' button at the bottom of the page, or email at:
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