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How to use a pendulum board: 

Sit down and get comfortable. Your mind and body should feel relaxed, with no stress. 

You can rest your elbows on a table in front of you and allow the pendulum to swing freely, or you can hold your arm in a horizontal position, again allowing your pendulum to swing freely. 

You do not have to be psychic to use a pendulum. It will guide itself. It is moved by either your thoughts or someone in spirit who works through you, generally your spirit guide. 

Pendulum’s movements: 

~ Straight line—side to side or front and back 
~ Circles—clockwise or counterclockwise 
~ Elliptical motion 
~ Some pendulums bob up and down to indicate strong action, usually affirmative 
Now address the pendulum and say “Show me ‘Yes’” while hovering over your chart. 

Then say “Show me ‘No.’” It should swing in the opposite direction. 

Be certain the pendulum is not being guided by the movement of your hand or fingers. 

Once you have determined the pattern for Yes and No, you are ready to begin. 

Start with questions you know the answer to, such as, “Is my hair red?” to test the accuracy. 

Now you are ready to begin to ask your questions.

5" Maple Wood Pendulum Spirit Board

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