🌕This listing is for a set of (3) Full Moon votive candles.

🌕These spell candles are handmade - to order - with soy wax, dried herbs, essential oils, beautiful silver glitter (for beauty and energy), Reiki energy (I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher), and full of intent for your Full Moon Releasing needs. Please allow 2-4 days production time for the proper making, energy intent, and setting correctly, of the order.
🌕Please don’t leave unattended.
It’s a Spell candle, so they burn differently. Trimming of wick as candle burns, will add life to candle. You can put in freezer for 20 minutes before any burn time to make it last longer. Put in a safe holder. As I said, they burn differently. However it burns, and the length of time, is exactly how it’s supposed to.

 🌕while burning, focus on exactly who, or what, you are releasing. This is the best way for these spell/ritual candles to work to your advantage.

Full Moon Votive Candles (set of 3)