**Set of 3**
These spell candles are handmade - to order - with soy wax, dried herbs, essential oils, Reiki energy (I am a Reiki Master Teacher), and full of intent for your Love/Relationship Needs! These candles are carefully engraved, and I use glitter to enhance their beauty/power. Please allow 2-4 days production time for the proper making, energy intent, and setting correctly, of the order. 
Upon ordering, if you would like personalized, Please send me the names of each person involved, and their zodiac. These  votive candles are best burnt in a candle-safe container, with space around each side (1/2” should work). These will burn for 4-5 hours easy, in the right kind of candle holder.
 Thank you!🤩
** As always with candles, burn when you’re around - don’t leave unattended.
It’s a Spell candle, so they burn differently. I always suggest not burning it straight through. You can put in freezer for 20 minutes before any burn time to make it last longer. Put in a safe holder. As I said, they burn differently. However it burns, and the length of time, is exactly how it’s supposed to!

Love Votive Candles (set of 3)