Get your Zen on!!
✨This is a handmade 100% soy candle, 3” x 3”. I’ve added my own herbal mix & mixture of essential oils, all of which promote that relaxing, zen energy! Along with being topped with my herbal mix, I’ve topped this off with clear quartz, amethyst chips, and pretty, sparkly silver glitter! As with all of my products, this baby is also loaded with Reiki energy, with extra focus on the Solar Plexus chakra (where we tend to store anxiety 😩). 

✨While I try to keep all herbs away from the wick, some may float over when setting. Please be cautious when burning. You know the deal : don’t burn unattended.
✨Remember, this is a spell candle, and sometimes they burn differently. However they burn is exactly how they are supposed to.

Mystical Zen Candle