Spritz a little Sex Magick - Room Detox Room/Linen Spray all over the place after a long, stressful day of being with negative peeps! (and maybe spritz a little on yourself for an added bonus). Spray that shit on all your pillows, sheets, curtains and lampshades to remove negativity so you can sleep in pure, happy energy! Had company over? Spray that shit in the rooms they were in! This product is also great for clearing your own energy after a shitty argument.

All sprays are made with the Super Moons we have throughout the year. They are also Reiki charged, specifically for the type that you are purchasing. Also made with essential oils, and small crystals are added for a great boost of energy/vibration!


*Handmade with all natural ingredients. Watch out - May induce happiness & positive energy

Intended for external use only. 

Sex Magick - Room Detox Room/Linen Spray


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