These spell candles are handmade - to order - with soy wax, dried herbs, essential oils, Reiki energy (I am a Reiki Master Teacher), and full of intent for your Money Manifesting Needs! These candles are carefully engraved, and I use glitter to enhance their beauty/power. Please allow 2-4 days production time for the proper making, energy intent, and setting correctly, of the order.
** Please only burn when you're around - don’t leave unattended.
It's a Spell candle, so they burn differently than a regular parrafin wax, store bought candle. I always suggest not burning it straight through. You can put in freezer for 20 minutes before any burn time to make it last longer. Put in a safe holder. As I said, they burn differently. 
Candle is 2” x 6”

Small Money Candle