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Cord Cutting

This has become one of my very “in-demand” services. When we enter into relationship with someone, whether it is with family, friend, intimate partner, colleague, or someone we have regular dealings with, we develop energetic cords. Now, these cords aren’t necessarily bad. They actually help us to form connection and understanding with one another. This service is for anyone who has been holding on to a negative connection, preventing forward movement, and most don't even realize. This is usually from a relationship that went badly, traumas from childhood, a nasty ex-friend, etc…Whether this is keeping you from meeting & keeping a new partner, seemingly having poor luck, preventing you from moving up in your career, preventing you from keeping friends, or just keeping you in a funk….I will clear these cords. I believe we can also have cord connections to past experiences. So, in my Cord Cutting (done remotely at a time when you are relaxed - I work around YOUR schedule), I meditate, perform Reiki on you, call on your Guides and my own, and cut & release these Negative cords that are holding you back! What I need from you: a picture of just you :)
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Cord Cutting - $222
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