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Reiki Classes

Reiki, summed up, is a Japanese technique of energy healing using the Universal Life Force to relax, reduce stress, emotional healing from any form of abuse/trauma, and aid in healing of illness. Some examples of medical conditions that Reiki is used for are:

*Crohn's Disease
*Chemotherapy/Radiation Treatments
*Heart Disease
and many, many more.

All of my classes are virtual and one-on-one. We learn about the history of Reiki, fundamentals, ethics, performance, chakras/chakra balancing, and the science behind Reiki.
I offer a very relaxed & casual atmosphere during the learning process. You will become attuned at the end of each level.

Level I - $220
Level II - $220
Level III Master -$250

For questions and/or scheduling, please contact Amy by clicking the 'Let's Chat' button or email at:
Reiki Treatment
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