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Reiki Classes

Reiki, summed up, is a Japanese technique of energy healing using the Universal Life Force to relax, reduce stress, emotional healing, and aid in healing of illness. Some examples of medical conditions that Reiki is used for are:

*Crohn's Disease
*Chemotherapy/Radiation Treatments
*Heart Disease
and many, many more.

All of my classes are virtual and one-on-one. We learn about the history of Reiki, fundamentals, ethics, performance, chakras/chakra balancing, and the science behind Reiki.
I offer a very relaxed & casual atmosphere during the learning process. You will become attuned at the end of each level.

Level I - $220
Level II - $220
Level III Master -$250

For questions and/or scheduling, please contact Amy by clicking the 'Let's Chat' button or email at:
Reiki Treatment
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