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Amy has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:

Psychic Mediumship / Tarot Readings

With Mediumship, you receive messages  from your loved ones who have passed. Tarot Readings will focus on your Present and Future. We can do one, or both.  

Monthly Paid Spiritual  Subscription

Amy offers 2 tiers of  Paid Monthly Subscriptions. Monthly readings, weekly guidance, receive one crystal per month, monthly Reiki, and more! 


As a Reiki Master,  Amy uses  Universal Life Force energy to heal your physical body, your mind/emotion, and your spirit from accidents, trauma, stress, injuries and more. 

Intuitive Life Coaching

6 week minimum of Weekly coaching classes. We focus on Spiritual Growth and Personal Growth, so you achieve being the best version of YOU!


Virtual one-on-one classes include Tarot (I & II), and also Reiki (I, II, III). All classes are scheduled around YOU. No set time limits, we go until you finish (self paced).

Cord Cutting

Removal of Negative energetic cords (family, friends, ex partners ,etc..)  preventing you from moving froward in your life, in a positive way. 

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