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May’s Blue Moon / Full Flower Moon is GREAT!

So, this month‘s full moon ( May 18,2019 ) is known by two different names : 1. Blue Moon 2. Full Flower Moon.

We refer to this moon as the Blue Moon because this one is the third full moon, out of four, of the Spring Equinox. Under normal circumstances, there are only three full moons in an astronomical season. No, the moon itself will not be blue. How magickal that would be If it were, though!

We also refer to this full moon as the Flower Moon due to the blooming flowers in the season of which this fulfill moon appears.

Remember, peeps, put your crystals on a window sill to charge those bad boys. Also, if something has been bothering you from the past, or an experience from the past is still haunting you, now is the time to release that shit. Seriously, let that shit go! My advice? Writs a letter to the person, or experience, and tell them that they/it no longer has control over your emotions. After pouring your heart out, take this letter outside, read aloud, and burn it. Let that shit go to the universe!

Until next time...

Stay Magickal, my friends

Amy the Mystical BadAss

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