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❗️Please note: these are handmade per order. Please allow up to 5 days for making, energizing & setting for the candle to be out for delivery! Thank you!

🕉30+ hour burn time!! (Keep wick trimmed to1/4 inch at each lighting!)

This is a handmade, 100% natural soy wax candle is made - to - order. Infused with specific intent, natural essential oils, herbs, Reiki Energy, and non-toxic color. This candle is also topped off with crystals for the Crown Chakra (which you can rinse in hot water and keep!), herbs, and glitter.

🕉When first lighting, burn for about 2 hours to get a good wax pool started. Never burn for more than 4 hours at at time. Following candle care will give the candle it’s longest life. Make sure to keep wick trimmed!

🕉 When you work with chakra candles, you want to be very clear about your intention. You don't want to give a mixed message. For example, if you've determined that your throat chakra is closed and that's why you are having constant throat infections, then you want to make a statement of your intention or purpose.

🕉To use Chakra Candles:

•Set your intention into the candle.

•Write your intention down and set •it underneath the candle

•Light the candle and manifest!

•Feel yourself surrender all negative feelings and let them be diminished.

🕉The Crown Chakra is all about spiritual connection and transformation. It lifts and inspires you, connecting you to the divine (you might call this angelic energy, the Source, or God.) This chakra also gives you a sense of your own divinity, the awareness that you are a soul in a human body.

🕉 A person with blocked a Crown Chakra may experience unwillingness to be open to other ideas, thoughts, or knowledge. The signs such as psychosis, dissociation from the body, being disconnected and ungrounded are also manifested when the Crown Chakra is unbalanced.

Crown Chakra Candle - 8 oz.

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