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This Mystical Wick New Moon Candle is handcrafted with all natural soy wax to start. Then your candle will be infused with Reiki Energy, intent, essential oils for the energy/vibration, herbs, and crystals that are specific to the candle’s energy, and topped with a dash of sparkle✨You will receive instructions that you can follow to help improve or bring good, positive energy & vibes to you, your area (home, work, etc…), and even within you if you’ve been low vibin’.

✏️Unless your order has specific instructions (above - in personalization area) I will Reiki your candle and fill it also with intent for manifesting during the New Moon. Please, don’t hesitate to be specific with your wants when ordering. This candle is for YOU, made for YOU, and with you in mind. Order how you wish! 😊

🕯️Remember, all candles are personalized, and no two candles will be the same, nor will they energetically feel the same.

🔥🔥 90 +hours burn time

✨✨You should remove the large crystals when wax gets soft, or they may fall on the flame. BUT!! simply rinse in warm water (use very sparingly on any selenite) and the wax will come off off the crystals easily. Then put by the candle 🕯️

✨I will NEVER overload your candles with herbs, put big & bulky flowers in the candles, nor will I put any near the wicks. All of those things are fire hazards. I do sprinkle meddled herbs around the outer perimeter, which does not get by flame when it’s dry - not a fire hazard!

🔥🔥To Ensure Longest Burn Time -

> Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4” before burning.

> First burn should be no longer than an hour. This develops the proper burn pool.

> If burning for more than 2 hours, trimming the wick will control the flame and burn less wax

New Moon Manifestation Candle (Medium)

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