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I make these sprays to order. All are made with my Moon Water, hand picked, cleansed crystals (smaller crystals specific for the energy & a larger Quartz crystal), and essential oils. For the water, I use different moon phases for what the bottle’s intent is.

〰️ Funk Be Gone! Is a Sage room spray to remove all the negative funk. Great for those who don’t like the smoke from burning sage, or when you want to de-funk the workplace!

〰️ Money Magnet! Is great for attracting 💰. Spray your wallet, your home, work area, etc…

〰️Good Luck! Is great for attracting good luck, in ALL areas!

〰️Let Me Sleep! Is for those of you who have a hard time falling and staying asleep. Spray your bed/pillow/night-night clothes prior to laying down. Get your Zzz’s.

*When spraying, have the intent of the room being cleansed, money being attracted, luck being great, or sleepiness falling upon you (whichever bottle you are using).

*Shake well before each use & mist over your room/area, bed, or body!

Make sure to keep the crystals when the bottle is gone!

Room/Body/Linen Spray - 8 oz.

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