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❗️Please note: these are handmade per order. Please allow up to 5 days for making, energizing & setting for the candle to be out for delivery! Thank you!

🔸40+ hour burn time!! (Keep wick trimmed to1/4 inch at each lighting!)

This is a handmade, 100% natural soy wax candle is made - to - order. Infused with specific intent, natural essential oils, herbs, Reiki Energy, and non-toxic color. This candle is also topped off with crystals for the Sacral Chakra (which you can rinse in hot water and keep!), herbs, and a dash of glitter.

🔸When first lighting, burn for about 1 hour to get a good wax pool started. Never burn for more than 2 hours at at time. Following candle care will give the candle it’s longest life. Make sure to keep wick trimmed!

🔸 When you work with chakra candles, you want to be very clear about your intention. You don't want to give a mixed message. For example, if you've determined that your sacral chakra is closed due to issues with fertility,, then you want to make a statement of your intention or purpose.

🔸To use Chakra Candles:

•Set your intention into the candle.

•Write your intention down and set •it underneath the candle

•Light the candle and manifest while watching the flame

•Feel yourself surrender all negative feelings and let them be diminished.

🔸 The Sacral Chakra is the second of the seven chakras. It is located just below the navel, right in the center of your lower belly and in your back it is located in the lumbar spine and associated with the color orange and the element, water. Some of its corresponding body areas and organs are the genitals, lower back and abdominal. This chakra is the center of emotions, feelings and stimulates pleasure. It plays an active role in our sexuality and expression of our sexual needs and desires.

🔸A closed sacral chakra can make you feel detached from your own emotions as well as the emotions of the people around you. Also, when the sacral is out of balance, a person may experience feelings of fear, depression, manic or emotional instability, feeling overwhelmed, loss of imagination or creativity, sexual dysfunction, reproductive issues, and even addiction.

Small Sacral Chakra Candle

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