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This Mystical Wick Zodiac Candle is handcrafted with all natural soy wax to start. Then your candle will be infused with Reiki Energy, intent, essential oils for the energy/vibration, herbs, and crystals that are specific to the zodiac, and topped with a dash of sparkle✨ For Two Zodiacs (ex. You and a partner), please let me know in the customization area , and what kind of energy you would like me to add (harmony, love, etc…)

🔥 XL - 180+ hours burn time

*** To Ensure Longest Burn Time -

> Keep wicks trimmed to 1/4” before burning.

> First burn should be no longer than an hour. This develops the proper burn pool.

> If burning for more than 2 hours, trimming the wick will control the flame and burn less wax.

XL Zodiac Candle

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