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Full Moon January ‘22 ~ the Wolf Moon

Well, hello there peeps!!! Are we excited for the first Full Moon of 2022?!?! I know I am! This wolf moon (getting it’s name from Native American times, when the moon would be big & bright in the sky and the wolves would loudly howl) has a few WONDERFUL spiritual meanings associated with it. This phase is also happening in Cancer. Let’s take a look 👀

Firstly, we are going to be in our feelings. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, so don’t get nervous. It is time. We will be, essentially, assessing our lives, and figuring out where transformation needs to be. Since this is the first full moon of a very new year, this is the perfect time to make changes that are needed to be made. These changes, especially with the full moon, require letting go of deeply buried negative feelings. These feelings do not serve us, and they never will. Let. That. Shit. Go.

Once we let those emotions go, we realize they were merely holding us back from happiness, success, peace…basically all things that bring is the good feels!

Be on the look out for those people, whether in your circle or not, that try to be manipulative or controlling, as they may show up during this moon. Be strong, set & keep boundaries, and don’t get caught up in emotions. We also have to be aware of our own actions at this time, so WE don’t do the emotional manipulation, as this full moon can bring it out in us. The other thing we need to be watchful of, within ourselves, is fairly extreme mood swings, which may come about due to our feeling with those deep seeded, buried emotions. If we are not aware, and allow these swings to happen, you can expect relationships to suffer. So, the guidance here is to just Be Aware. As I always tell my clients during our sessions, one of the best ways to let the shit go during the full moon, is to write down all that you want to release. Be specific. Write a letter, or just a very specific list, of buried emotional crap and where it came from. Declare that you no longer allow this crap to control your emotions, and declare that you release it. On the paper you write this on, you take it outside during the full moon, read aloud, and then burn it. Let that shit go!

The full moon comes exact at 6:48 Monday, January 17th. I hope you all enjoyed this read, and I hope you are all well. Remember, if you’d like help with your moon manifestations, I make candles specifically for this!

As always, sending Love & Light!

Mystical BadAss

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