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No Retrogrades = Making Shit Happen!!

As of today, February 3rd, a little after 5 pm, all of the planets are direct! Zero retrogrades to fumble up communications, relationships, technologies, plans, etc…

You may ask, “Now what?”

Well, here’s some good, Mystical BadAss advice:

Step away from your phone or computer (after reading this, of course) and get to setting goals and manifesting outcomes for the upcoming months. It’s time to grab some pencils, paper, and maybe even some crayons or markers, and write or draw what you would like to happen to/for you in the near future.

For instance, if you’d like to get a job at a certain business, draw the business. No need to be fancy, just a building with the name written on it. If you’d like to meet a special someone, draw him/her. Around that person (or stick figure 🤣) write all the qualities you’d like that person to have.

Say you’d like a little financial growth… draw a Money Tree 🌳. The easiest way that I’ve found (not very artistic here) is to make dollar signs $ as the leaves. Those are just a few examples of what to manifest, but you can come up with your own. Make sure to set the Intention, Work towards that goal/intention, and keep your energy positive! Oh, and NEVER forget to be grateful that the universe IS providing. Personally, I always thank the universe for what I am receiving, as if I already have it. We have only a little less than a three month window, so utilize your time. Don’t manifest just once, make It a habit, and a necessity.

So, now you can set the phone down, or walk away from the computer, and go find your paper, pencils, and crayons. Have fun! There is No Wrong Way, as long as you have the intent, work towards it, and stay positive!

Until next time…

Mystical BadAss

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